Magic Step - Multifunctional Fitness Step Platform

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Magic Step - A Multi-Functional Fitness Step Platform Equipment For Home Trainers

Color: Pink, Blue
Weight: 5.6KG
Size: 70*35*15cm
Load bearing: 200KG
Material: ABS
Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise


  • Only 10 minutes a day, the multifunctional  Magic Step helps fat burning to create a beach body figure. 
  • With low decibel design, the stepper slides smoothly and silently, enjoy exercise without disturbing your roommate or your family members.
  • Easy to exercise with hidden scroll wheels, free to change according to different postures for your fitness routine.
  • Luxury magic step, it won’t hurt your knees while you’re exercising, suitable for all ages.
  • Featured 8 big improvements: fat burning, body shaping, slimming, fast and effective, 150kg load-bearing, smart mute, acupressure, stress free installation

Nine sports modes:

1. Step mode: Relax and have your weight down, slightly leaning forward, practicing step movements while naturally swinging arms, exercising balance and leg strength.

2. Sit-ups: Effectively exercise the abdominal muscles, strengthen muscle strength and elasticity, and easily shape the abdominal muscles.

3. Push-ups: An effective way to tone your arms.

4. Auxiliary Rally: Auxiliary lift exercise can focus on a minor muscle group or an individual muscle, such as practicing cycling move gradually.

5. Yoga: Exercise the buttocks muscles, raise the hip line and close the leg circumference, so that the legs are visually lengthened.

6. Twisting machine: It can make the buttocks and legs more body-building, firmer, more symmetrical, thin buttocks and stovepipe

7. Flat support: Exercise your arms, stomach, arms and calves to make your muscles firmer.

8. Lifting the leg movement: Tighten the buttocks to easily slim legs, strengthen the waist and leg muscles, and abdomen legs.

9. Abdominal exercise: Fully exercise the abdomen and back muscles.



Magic Step - Multifunctional Fitness Step Platform




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